ELITE PERFORMance Mastery course

Attend this Coaching if you want to Perform Better, be More Productive, and create your Ultimate Lifestyle.

This is for you

If You Experience


✅ Sleep deprivation.
✅ No time to exercise or eat well.
✅ Missing out on time with your family, friends, and hobbies.
✅ Feeling bad control over your calendar.
✅ Being in a transition period, because you know you can’t keep burning the candle at both ends business and family.
✅ Feeling SUPER-STRESSED (I feel you).
✅ Experience less creativity and growth.

When You Are


✅ An Entrepreneur or Business professional.
✅ Ready to avoid burnout and soar to the highest level of productivity.
✅ Willing to get 10-30 hours of your week back.
✅ Looking to have a fully present time at home, with your family & friends, and with hobbies.
✅ Unafraid to be committed (this is non-negotiable).

“Great leaders do what is right, not what is easy”


– Roy T. Bennett

A practicaly proven blueprint

To transform Ambitious Entrepreneurs

into Elite-Performers


In all the High-Performance environments Stephan has worked in over the years, he recognized many similarities in structures, routines, and the way of reaching Peak Performance at the desired moments.

And yet he noticed all environments besides all the great processes had their own flaws. So he combined the best practices baked by scientific evidence, summarized and modeled this, and created the GOAL-GETTER cycle™.

With this blueprint, create the ultimate structure for your day-to-day operations and your awareness and maintenance of your personal development process, which is necessary to achieve your Big Hairy Goals, and realize your desired behavioral change to improve your mental and physical condition and overall performance.


The GOAL-GETTER CYCLE™ will get you started

Whatever change you want to make, projects you want to accomplish, goals you want to reach…

During your coaching, Stephan personally guides you by implementing the principles of the GOAL-GETTER cycle™ in your life and business. To achieve your goals, have a sustainable structure and routines, that improves your performance and creates more work-life balance. All this is to ultimately transform your future consistently and efficiently.

About Stephan Dekker

15 Years of High-Performance

Stephan has always worked in demanding and highly performance-oriented environments. Combining the ultimate mental and physical challenges with personal development is the foundation of the culture. He started with the Dutch Royal Marines, after which he combined Topsport Coaching and Professional Sailing where he became a World Champion.


Years Royal Dutch Marine Corps


Years Topsport Coaching


Years Professional Sailing projects and World Champion ?


Certified Coach

Elite Performance Academy - Stephan Dekker - Certified - EMCC-EIA
Elite Performance Academy - Stephan Dekker - Certified - CRKBO
Elite Performance Academy - Stephan Dekker - Certified - Nobco

4 Stages, 4 Sub-systems


With the “Set your State formula®” you examine your obstacles, qualities, and what has shaped you into who you are today, and you recognize and activate your desired growth.


With the “Set and G.E.T. formula®” you set goals in a well-thought-out and proven way so that you don’t always have that external pressure of having to meet that “DEADLINE”


With the “Daily S.C.A.R.P. Regulation system®” you create your personal science-based everyday routine and give yourself the perfect structure and movement frameworks to perform maximum performance in flow at the right moments.


With the “S.A.R. Evaluation system®” you evaluate the progress of the set course in goals and behavior in order to adjust or confirm these where necessary.

Simple Steps - Small Adjustments - Massive Clarity


This coaching program is based on and structured by the GOAL-GETTER cycle™ blueprint. The blueprint contains scientifically proven information and methods to reach PEAK PERFORMANCE if and when needed. However, the level and implementation will be tailored to your needs, and THE ULTIMATE GOAL is to create a personal tailored sustainable ELITE-PERFORMANCE structure and lifestyle.


Downloadable worksheets and practice guides are all safely stored inside your private Elite Performance Academy account.


The GOAL-GETTER cycle™ blueprint will give you a lifelong structure and base routine to fall back on. It will be your backbone throughout life. It will get you back on track when needed, set a clear mission, and helps you reach your desired goals.


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Join forces with Stephan, his Elite team, and the biggest, baddest group of kick-butt strivers in the world. This is THE ‘Fortress of Support’ you want in your corner moving into this new era.


“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”


– Franklin D. Roosevelt